Dubai Creek Striders



Known to many as ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Half Marathon’ it Is, without doubt, a half marathon route that will remain long in your memory, as every inch of the course takes you to a different area of Dubai. The course runs along the driveway of the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club – one of the world’s most famous golf courses – and then over, under and around the iconic Dubai Creek via bridges, tunnels and creek-side pathways. There are certainly no boring sections on this course! For first-timers to Dubai it is the best possible way to see this great city. Running a half marathon has never been such a pleasure and, to top it off, the course is reasonably flat so a PB is certainly possible…

Important: A comprehensive list of important information – including details of where to collect your race number and the best race goody bag ever- is now available on this website. In the coming weeks parking instructions for the morning of the race will be available (they are very simple…arrive early and follow the marshals’ instructions. A taxi is recommended… prepared, parking space is limited).

Below are also some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get asked, which may also help

When is the 15th Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon being held?

  • 6:00am on Friday 9th of December 2016
  • The start and finish is at the car park next to ‘QDs’ at the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club
  • Parking is available on site, but will be limited due to the large numbers of runners – pleased take a taxi to the race if possible. There is nothing worse than trying to find a parking space and the race start is looming.
  • Public transport – Please note that Dubai Metro does not operate on Friday mornings and Floating Bridge remains closed until 9am

My friends and family want to come and watch the race; where are the best vantage points?

  • There are so many excellent vantage points to watch the start, middle and finish of the race from it would take all day to list them. Have a look at the race map below (or click on the ‘Race map tab) to find the best spot for you
  • Parking along the race route will be easy as it will be early Friday morning
  • If possible, cars should avoid driving into the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club after 7.00am as the first race finishers will be arriving at that time
  • Prior to the race start it will be very busy and parking will be limited but ensure that your friends and family are there at the finish to enjoy the post-race party atmosphere and celebrate your achievement with you

When and where can I collect my race number and “goody bag”?

  • Running numbers, MyLaps® timing chips and official goody bags can be collected before the race date. Please keep up to date on this website for confirmation of the dates and locations points in the coming weeks, which will also be listed on the ‘Race Day Instructions’ sheet
  • NO race numbers will handed out on race morning!!

How do I register for the 2017 Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon?

  • Register online via the Premier Marathons web site and go ‘Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon’ and follow the steps for registration
  • The race is filling up fast so get in quick! Registration will CLOSE WHEN THE RACE IS FULL or latest on Saturday 22nd November 2016
  • SORRY BUT WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY REQUESTS TO ENTER THE RACE AFTER THE RACE IS FULL (even if this happens BEFORE the closing date) OR AFTER THE MENTIONED DATE. This is a very popular event and fills up quickly and the organisers cannot make any late changes. Thank you for your understanding.

Is the race chip-timed?

  • Yes, the race is chip-timed. Your personal Premier Timing tag will be fixed to the back of your race bib in your registration pack which you will be able to collect in advance of the race along with your goody bag.
  • Please do NOT fold or bend your race bib in any way. Bibs must be worn ONLY on your FRONT. Premier Timing tags are disposable and do not need to be returned.
  • Do NOT pass, give, sell, swap your race bib to a different runner as each race bib (and affixed timing tag) is unique to the registered runner. Running under someone elses number is against the race rules and will result in a score of DQF (disqualified) in the race results.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

  • Yes, the minimum age on race day is 16 years

What is the starting procedure for the race?Runners who qualify to run under 1:30 will start in wave 1 (white numbes with no color strip)

  • Runners who qualify to run under 1:30 will start in wave 1 (white numbes with no color strip)
  • Runners who qualify to run under 1:50 will start in wave 2 (white numbers with a red strip)
  • Runners who qualify to run under 2:10 will start in wave 3 (white numbers with a green strip)
  • All other non-seeded runners will start in wave 4 (white numbers with a blue strip)

You must have either a race history with Premier Online or submit a qualifying link within the published time frame. Seeded start positions are limited and assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.

Will there be pace groups in the race?

  • There will be ‘pace leaders’ for runners who aim to run at the following pace…
  • 1h 45m; 2h 00m; 2h 15m and 2h 30m
  • The ‘pace leaders’ for each category will be easily identified prior to the start of the race with coloured shirts and a flag denoting their pace time

Is the race run on closed roads and will the course be marshaled?

  • The start of the race will be on the public highway and will be closed off to traffic and patrolled by the police
  • Much of the course is run on footpaths and paved routes
  • The course is fully marshaled and you must follow the directions and instructions of the marshals at all times – they are there to ensure your safety!
  • There will be a road crossing at the Floating Bridge near the finish of the race. This section of road is closed to traffic until 9.30am so many of the runners will have completed the race by this time. Runners completing this section after 9.30am must be aware that the road is open to oncoming traffic and must abide by the instructions of the race marshals to ensure safety

Is there a cut-off time?

  • Yes, the official cut-off time is 3 hours. After that time, we cannot guarantee your chip time will be recorded and you may not receive a finishers medal

What drinks will be available on the course?

  • There will be drink stations at regular intervals along the course to ensure the hydration of the runners. Please see the exact points for the drink stations on the race map below
  • Water and isotonic drinks will be provided
  • Drinks will also be available in abundance at the finish of the race

Will I receive a commemorative T-shirt?

  • Each participant in the race will receive a technical t-shirt with the race logo. This will be provided after the race during the event.

Will I receive a finisher’s medal?

  • A unique 15th Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders medal will be presented to all finishers as they cross the finish line (providing they are within the official 3 hour cut-off time)

Are shower and changing facilities available after the race?

  • The Dubai Creek Golf Club and Yacht Club has, once again, kindly agreed to make their excellent changing facilities and showers for runners to use after the race
  • The changing rooms are located in the main Clubhouse
  • Please ensure that you bring your own towel – they are not provided

Is breakfast available after the run?

  • The best post-race breakfast in the world (to complement the best half marathon in the world!) will be provided after the race close to the finish line
  • All runners will receive a voucher for their breakfast in their race pack and extra tickets can be purchased for family and friends during your registration process
  • The breakfast area is in ‘QDs’ immediately adjacent to the Athlete’s Village

When will the winners be announced?

  • The announcement of the overall and category winners and presentation of prizes will take place during the post-race breakfast

What is there to do in the Race Village?

  • Many of our sponsors will have a stand in the Race Village. This is an excellent place for runners and non-runners alike to view and purchase the latest running gear and the latest sports nutrition
  • You can also visit the best sports physiotherapy practices in town
  • Please ensure that you spend time in the Race Village and support our race sponsors both on the day and during the rest of the year. Without their support this event would not have grown into the superb event that it is today

What is the route for the 15th Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon?

  • You can view the map by clicking on the ‘Route Map’ tab on this website