Dubai Creek Striders

Race Day Instructions


The 2019 Race Instructions is available for download in due course:







Race Information

Please read these instructions carefully as you prepare for Race Day at 6am on Friday 6 December 2019 and help us to ensure a safe and enjoyable running experience by following these simple instructions. Print off a copy of the latest version and bring it with you for easy reference on Race Day. If you have any questions please visit our website ( and go to the Q & A page where many of your queries will be answered. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter: @dubaistriders.


1.1 Collection of Race Number, Timing Chip and Goody Bag
Details will be announced soon.

1.2 Breakfast Tickets

BREAKFAST AT THE 2019 EVENT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE RACE ENTRY FEE, but offered as an optional extra. Entry to breakfast will be by advanced ticket purchase only for ALL RUNNERS AND GUESTS. If you wish to attend the post-race breakfast and prize ceremony please purchase the correct number of breakfast tickets during registration (or direct from the online event store while availability remains). Purchased Runner’s Breakfast Tickets will be encoded onto race numbers, Guest Breakfast Tickets will be separate,individual tickets included in your race number envelope. to the post-race breakfast and prize-giving ceremony at QD’s Restaurant.  You will be able to purchase additional breakfast tickets at number pick up but not at the Early Bird Deal offered via Premier Online. It may NOT be possible to purchase additional tickets on race day. Breakfast will be served from 7.30am.

1.3  Your Race Number

Complete the personal and medical details on the reverse of your race number before race day. Attach your number to the FRONT of your vest. Do not cut, fold or modify the number in any way as it is contrary to the rules and may lead to your disqualification. If your number is not visible at all times during the race you may be stopped, or even disqualified from the race. Take care not to lose your breakfast ticket which is attached to, and is part of, your running number. Important:You must NOT use someone else’s number and must not let anyone else use yours. Your number is unique to you and is matched through our computer database and timing system to provide accurate times and eliminate cheating.

1.4  Refunds

Sorry, we are unable to accommodate any requests to transfer race registrations.

1.5  Timing Chips

  • Yes, the race is chip-timed. Your personal Premier Timing tag will be fixed to the back of your race bib in your registration pack which you will be able to collect in advance of the race along with your goody bag.
  • Please do NOT fold or bend your race bib in any way. Bibs must be worn ONLY on your FRONT. Premier Timing tags are disposable and do not need to be returned.
  • Do NOT pass, give, sell, swap your race bib to a different runner as each race bib (and affixed timing tag) is unique to the registered runner. Running under someone elses number is against the race rules and will result in a score of DQF (disqualified) in the race results.

1.6  Medical Conditions

If you have a condition that your doctor or our medical support team needs to know about, please write the details clearly on the reverse of your running number, along with your emergency contact details. Important:The organisers of the Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon, its sponsors, administrators and anyone involved with the event, cannot be held responsible for any medical condition arising from participation in the event.

1.7  Remember

·      Do get to the start in plenty of time

·      Do not bring any valuables with you

·      Do wear running clothes and shoes that you are used to – nothing new that may cause chafing or     injury

·      Do not suddenly stop or change direction, particularly at the drink stations

·      Do dispose of empty drink containers and banana skins carefully at the side of the road or in the bins provided

·      Do drink often – before, during and after the race


2.1  Getting To the Start

It is preferred that you use a Taxi/Careem to help you get to the start and home again. There will be a dedicated collection and drop off point near to the start/finish area.

You can use either Garhoud or Maktoum Bridges to get to the race start. Please note that the Floating Bridge is closed until 9am on Friday mornings. Please also note that, if you are approaching from the Garhoud Bridge direction, there is no U-turn at the junction opposite the entrance to the Club – turn RIGHT at the lights into Ithihad Road and make a U-turn at the next junction (coming back on yourself) and then turn left and immediately right into the Club. Please note that parking in the Club is extremely limited and you are encouraged to use either the City Centre car park or one of the alternative car parks shown in the links below. There are a lot of road works into the entrance of the start finish area please allow extra time

2.2  Parking

Please plan your journey to arrive early and enjoy the atmosphere and attractions at the Athletes’ Village. Allow enough time to arrive, park, walk from your parking area and prepare for the race, well before the 6am start. If you do drive to the race venue, please make use of the City Centre car park or one of the alternative car parks shown in the following link:


2.3  Start Time: 6am

The Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon will start at 6am and once official police clearance is received. Please be at the start area at least 45 minutes beforehand and ready to line up 15 minutes before the race is due to begin. Last minute instructions will be announced over the PA system.

2.4  Baggage

Your goody bag will contain a self-adhesive label, featuring you race number, for you to attach to your bag; attach the label to your bag’s handle by folding it around and sticking the two halves together; this will ensure that your label remains attached to your bag. A bag-drop container will be provided for the storage of baggage and other non-valuable items. Show your bib number to collet your bag. The race organisers will oversee the container, located in the Athletes’ Village, but any item placed in the container is at the owner’s risk. Please refer to the start/finish area map for the exact location. Important:The race organisers, sponsors, administrators and other officials cannot be held responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen belongings.

2.5  Warm Up

Professional trainers will lead runners through a series of gentle warm up and stretching exercises to prepare for the race ahead. The warm up starts at approximately 5:25am and will last 15 minutes. Please refer to the start/finish area map for details. It’s a free session, so get there early to make sure of a place! 

2.6  Toilets

Toilets are available in the Boardwalk & QDs restaurants, next to the Chandlery shop (opposite the starting pens) and in the temporary toilet block in the Athlete’s Village. Public toilets are also situated along the course. Toilet locations are indicated on the course map which can be found near the entrance to QDs.

2.7  Pre-Start Procedures

The line-up for any mass-participation event is always a bit tense, so we have made a few changes to last year’s procedure to ensure you have a stress-free start to your race! Please remember these simple arrangements.



When the MC announces the start of the line-up procedure, please go directly to the start line – DO NOT go to one of the coloured starting pens. Please line up behind the red timing mats.



On the MC’s announcement, please proceed to the RED starting pen and await the marshals’ instructions



On the MC’s announcement, please proceed to the GREEN starting pen and await the marshals’ instructions



On the MC’s announcement, please proceed to either one of the TWO BLUE starting pens and await the marshals’ instructions

The 4 starting pens will be clearly marked with coloured flags, kindly supplied by Hertz Car Rental; marshals will direct you to the correct pen. All runners should be assembled in the correct pen (and BEHIND the start line timing mat) no later than 10 minutes before the start of the race. The PA system will keep you informed in the lead-up to the start of the race. Please ensure your race number is clearly visible and securely fastened to the FRONT of your vest/t-shirt, your timing chip is correctly attached to your shoe and that you are in your correct pen corresponding to your predicted finishing time.

2.8  On the Start Line

Please join the start line up in the correct section according to your expected finishing time. To ensure safety, runners will be released in 4 waves, one for each pen. The race will start at the sound of the starting gun and your finish time will be based on your chip time, which will activate as you cross the start line.

2.9  The Course

The Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon follows a scenic route around, under and over the Dubai Creek. We are anticipating roadworks along the Creekside section that passes by the British Embassy. Race Instructions will be updated closer to the race. The course will be well marked by orange cones, where possible; marshals are in attendance at all junctions and other critical areas. Please follow the marked route and do not attempt to short cut any section – offenders will be immediately disqualified. The race is run primarily on pavements.

When it is necessary to run on or across roads, runners must take full responsibility for their own safety. Important: You must run on the designated course and comply with marshals’ instructions at all times. Always be aware of traffic when on, or crossing, roads.



3.1  Official Pace Groups

Our popular Pace Groups are back for another year! The race will feature five Pace Groups to help you to a predicted finish time. Pace Group Leaders, easily identifiable by their special ‘pacer’ running vests with the predicted finish time on the back, plan to run the following race times: 1hr 20m, 1h 30m, 1h 35m, 1h 40m, 1h 45m, 1h 50m, 2h, 2hr 15m and 2hr 30m. The Pace Groups will be called over the PA system 30 minutes before the race so be sure to join the correct group if you want to ‘get on the bus’ for your chosen time. Please note that the pace runners are human and although every effort will be made to finish in the predicted time, no responsibility can be attached to the pace runners or the organisers if you fail to finish in the predicted time.

3.2  Start & Finish Times

Premier Timing will once again provide the official timing and results. Your chip timing devices, which are activated as you cross over the red mats at the start and finish lines, and at certain points along the course, will provide split and finish timings. Provisional results will be available shortly after the completion of the race. All race results will be based upon the chip times with full results available on the Premier Online website ( a few hours after the official conclusion of the race.

3.3  Cut-Off Time

The official cut-off time will be 3 hours after the final group starts (i.e. a few minutes past 9.00am). Runners still on the course after this time will do so at their own risk. Please keep to the pavements, be aware of traffic signals and obey all traffic rules. Please note that chip timing and finisher’s medal may not be available to those who finish outside the cut-off time.

3.4  Re-Opening of the Floating Bridge at 9am

Please note that the Floating Bridge re-opens at 9am. Any runner still on the course after this time may be delayed by marshals, particularly around the junction just before the entrance into the Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club. Marshals have been instructed by the Dubai Police to enforce strict safety procedures to ensure you safely cross the intersection. The Dubai Police may take action against anyone who commits an offence.


3.5  Areas for Extra Care on the Course

There are a number of sections of this year’s course that will require your full attention

· 0.5k – DCGYC driveway – take care when running over the speed ‘humps’ along the drive (outbound & return)

· 1k – Exiting the Club and turning right, please watch out for traffic as you join a busy road. Please use the pavements whenever possible and keep inside the designated course (marked by orange cones)

· 7 & 18k – As you pass under Maktoum Bridge (outbound and return) the area will be busy with fishermen; look out for anyone casting their line and be careful underfoot – the ground will be wet and slippery

· 11k – Dhow WharfagePlease be careful along the whole Dhow Wharfage section as cargo awaiting to be loaded may block the running path

· 12k – Shindagha Tunnel Take care at the entrance to the tunnel as there is construction work in the area

· 19K exiting Maktoum Bridge There is also a lot of construction work going on here. We will be working with the RTA to ensure that this part of the course is as safe as possible.

· 20k – The Floating Bridge will be closed until 9am. Please obey the Marshal’s instructions at this junction particularly if you are passing this area after 9am (see ‘Re-Opening of the Floating Bridge’ above)

3.6  Drink and Sponge Stations

Keeping cool and regularly replacing lost fluids is a must for all runners. Please make use of the drink and sponge stations situated along the course. Emirates Water and Pocari will be available approximately every 3 kms, as well as at the start and finish lines. Colas and other refreshments may be available at some stations. Sponges will be available as you exit the Shindagha pedestrian tunnel and as you pass behind the British Embassy. Please discard your empty bottles, cups, sponges and banana skins carefully at the side of the road and not where they will cause problems to other runners beside and behind you.

3.7  Medical Aid

Ambulances will be located at certain points around the course as well as at the finish area. Additionally, an ambulance will follow the last runners. If you start to feel unwell please stop running immediately and wait for the medical officers to attend to you. If possible, please alert the nearest marshal who will assist you. If you feel unwell at the end of the race, please consult with the Medical Doctor located at the start/finish area.

3.8  Distance Markers

Each kilometer is clearly identified with a marker board placed at the side of the race course.

3.9  At the Finish

Upon crossing the finish line, you will be presented with a unique commemorative medal. There will be Gold medals for the first 10 male and 10 female finishers. Silver medals will be given to the next 20 male and 20 female finishers and all other finishers will receive Bronze medals. After receiving your medal, please follow the marshals’ instructions and keep moving forward to the Athletes’ Village to clear the finish area for runners behind you.

3.10  Cheating

Cheating is against the spirit of the event, so please do not be tempted to cheat! There will be monitoring stations on the course and any participant found to be cheating will be immediately disqualified from the race.

3.11  Spectators

Being a spectator is a fun way to spend the morning and provides great support for runners who may need a little extra encouragement. However, please be aware of the following simple rules:

·      Please keep all children well clear of the route and finish area

·      Do not enter the official course at any time, particularly the start and finish areas

·      Do not obstruct, or get in the way of, the runners

·      Do not move barriers or tapes installed along the course

·      Please support all runners with a clap and a cheer – it may help them set a new personal best, or just make it to the finish line!


4.1  Meeting Area

Please meet friends and family in the meeting area of the Athletes’ Village to the right of the finish area, outside QD’s Restaurant. Do not congregate in the finish area as this blocks access for other runners completing their run.

4.2  Physiotherapy & Massage Stations

Several recognised and established Physiotherapy & Sports Medical Clinics, will be providing complimentary treatment and/or physiotherapy services in the Athletes’ Village.

4.3  Toilets and Post-Race Shower Facilities

Toilets are available in the Boardwalk & QDs restaurants, next to the Chandlery shop (opposite the starting pens) and in the temporary toilet block in the Athlete’s Village. Toilet locations are indicated on the map which can be found near the entrance to QDs.

Excellent post-race shower facilities are available at the Golf Club House just 5 minutes’ walk from the finish area. For those with tired legs complimentary golf buggies will pick up at the Chandlery to take you there. Please bring your own towel if you plan to use the shower facilities.

Drinks including Emirates Water, Pocari and fruit, will be available in the Athletes’ Village along with products, services and entertainment from our sponsors.

4.4 Breakfast

Breakfast will be served from 7.30am in QD’s. The entrance is alongside the Athlete’s Village area. Early finishers are encouraged to take their breakfast early to avoid the rush that will begin at around 8am. Important:Entry will permitted to those with a valid ticket purchased at registration or from the race committee – A code will appear on your race number or with a separately-purchased ticket which will get you entry into the breakfast area. No one will be admitted to the breakfast area (runners included) without a valid ticket.

 4.5  Trophy Presentation and Raffle Draw

To help the trophy presentations go smoothly, at approximately 9.10am the MC will announce the names and bib numbers of the first three runners in each age category who will be invited to come up to the stage – all together – to receive their trophy. As well as the usual ‘photo-op’ for the winners – as well as all the winners in one group shot! Please also note that the winning names and bib numbers for the Raffle Draw will be displayed at the entrance to QD’s so please check to see if you are a winner – contact a Race Official to claim your prize! The Race Director will contact those winners who are not there in person to collect their prize.

 4.6  Event PhotosDocument size: A4

Your race is covered by professional photographers. Thanks to the kind support of our Partner Sponsor CML, you will be able to download your photographs FOR FREEwithin 2 hours after the race(subject to you being captured on film and barring any unforeseen IT glitches!). Our professional photographers will try their best to ensure everyone gets photographed during the event so please attach your running number to the FRONT of your vest to make identification easier.


A BigThank You to our Many Sponsors

The Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon would not be possible without the generous support from the following partners:

·      Title Sponsor:                        Johnson Arabia

·      Partner Sponsors:               CML Group



Thanks also to the many Associate and Event Sponsors who contribute to make this event ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Half Marathon’!


Associate Sponsors Event Sponsors Event Sponsors Event Sponsors

Dubai Physiotherapy &

Emirates Water

Pocari Sweat

Costa Coffee

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club


Media ONE Hotel

Britannia Digestive Biscuits

Dubai Ambulance

Up & Running Integrated Sports Medical Centre

Kings College Hospital, London

Park Hyatt Dubai

Right Track Advertising

Baskin Robbins



And finally, a huge Thank You for the great support from the following Government entities, without whom this event would not be possible:

UAE Athletics Federation                                                  Roads & Transport Authority

Dubai Sports Council                                                          Community Development Authority

Dubai Police                                                                            Dubai Municipality


If this is your first, or seventeenth, Johnson Arabia Dubai Creek Striders Half Marathon, we wish you the very best of luck. But most of all, we hope you have a truly enjoyable experience and we look forward to your return in 2019 for the 18thedition of Dubai’s premier Half Marathon!