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Lyn-Si Striders on Tour 14102013 Aida Othman Dubai Marathon 2

Dubai Marathon

Report Author:
Lyn-Si Fisher
Date of event:
24 January 2013
Distance (km):

Race Report:
7 AM
Start time:
7 AM
Course description:

A very flat, fast course with a couple of bends but otherwise straight. The majority of the route takes runners along the Dubai Beach Road which is about an 8-10mile stretch which doubles back on itself. The course concludes in Downtown Dubai alongside the Burj Khalifa and Palace Hotel.

Water and fuel stations:

Plenty, well sourced and managed. There are plenty of water and sport liquid stations. The local run clubs have support stations on route and many provide chopped banana, jelly sweets and mars bars. The volunteers are numerous and you certainly won’t be without water on this dessert run!

Weather conditions:

This year, participants were treated to some beautiful foggy conditions which not only kept the run cool for the first two or three hours but also added to the interest of the run. Best to splash on some sun-cream as once the sun breaks through and rises things can get a little bright and warm. The temperature rose to about 27 degrees centigrade by 11am this year. One thing is for sure, you’ll never need thermal or waterproof running kit for this marathon.


Not really, there’s a lack of natural scenery as the majority of the race is along the Dubai Beach Road which is mainly buildings, shops, housing and Mosques.


If the scenery is rather lacking, the atmosphere and camaraderie from fellow participants certainly isn’t! The Dubai marathon is all about keeping each other going. If you’re club runner, you’ll know what I mean, as the route is packed with runners from all the Dubai running clubs along with runners from other Emirates. There’s a lot of chatter and whooping along the route. The supporters who do come out are incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging, there aren’t an awful lot of them but those that are out make a huge effort.