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Lyn-Si Striders on Tour 14102013 Zurich Marathon 6580

Zurich Marathon

Report Author:
Lyn-Si Fisher
Date of event:
7 April 2013
Distance (km):
Hot chocolate after marathon
Start time:
9 AM
Enjoyment rating for event (out of 10 for utterly awesome):


Organisation rating for event (out of 10 for fantastic):


Course description:

Circular loop which runs alongside the Zurich lake and through the old town. A pretty flat course save for one slight up incline over a bridge and down the other side which features during the first 5k, otherwise, flat with a couple of bends and looping back.

Weather conditions:

Ruddy freezing, literally about 1 to minus 2 degrees centigrade with a few snowflakes along the way. We had a very cold wind to run against too. If you are heading out there from the desert, take your thermals, running gloves and hat – even the Swiss locals were wearing full skins. If a Swiss-German is running with leggings, don’t mess around – pop yours on too. The good thing about the cold is that it makes you run faster.

Note that Zurich isn’t a big town and there are a multitude of sports shops which include some excellent all weather running kits so in the worst case scenario that you’ve arrived fit for desert running conditions, you can always stock up on some extra layers which you won’t be wasting!

Water/Fuel stations:

These were well stocked and managed with water and sports drinks stations pretty much every 5K. The volunteers were plentiful and helpful. Gels ran out along the way at some stations so best to take your own if you are dependant on them and running over 4hours. Otherwise there was always plenty of chopped banana, granola bars and cake for energy lacking runners.


Quite beautiful and peaceful too with some variation between the Zurich lake, the old town with historic buildings, local streets and towns and the new town.


This is a very local marathon with only about 3000 marathon runners although there are plenty of other races with varying distances happening simultaneously along part of the same route. Despite this, the atmosphere from other runners and the supporters couldn’t have been better! The whole of Zurich came out to wish the runners on their way with cow bells, brass and pop bands, shouting and cheering, it was a thoroughly supportive crowd. I was running as one of the few foreigners but felt entirely at home with the support of other runners in my pace group and the crowd and loved every minute of it.